Funding            CNESSpace Climate Observatory (SCO)


                             Observatoire de Paris, GlobEO and CESBIO

Kick-off            October 2020

Duration          18 months

VIETSCO, the Vietnam Space Climate Observatory, is a SCO-labelized project with two central components, VIMESCO and VIETRRO


Domestic rice production in Vietnam is under threat as a result of climate change, flooding, droughts and saltwater intrusion. The objective of the VIMESCO project is to provide users in Vietnam with a demonstrator of operational tools for the dynamic monitoring of rice crops using Sentinel-1 radar remote sensing data, to map information that complements in-situ data and statistics (rice crop surface area, crop calendar, productivity indicators, number of harvests per year).


Vietnam is one of the countries most exposed to extreme climate-change related events such as typhoons. In the case of such an event, emergency response mechanisms are activated, with Earth observation based data being sent to civil protection agencies for use in producing emergency response maps. However, this stops after a few days. The aim of the VIETRRO project is to set up a Resilient Recovery Observatory for agriculture in Vietnam, relying primarily on satellite observation data. In the event of a major disaster with a severe impact on agricultural output, the observatory could be activated by local or national government or by international development aid organisations.


In the frame of the VIMESCO and VIETRRO projects, information, data and products will be provided free of charge and open access.

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